Audubon Carousel/Clocks David Bull
Time is Money Sarah Carmody
First in Flight Gordon Schenck
all other photography Beverly Burbank

Web Design and Management

Kevin Haggerty, Splat Collision Industries

Careswell Sculpture Team for the projects shown

Beverly Burbank competition and project management, photography, painting consultation, painting and general brainstorming
Miles (Bud) O'Donnell mechanical engineering and invention
Jack Stone review and stamping of structural design
Peter Coxe lighting design
Matthew Stone fabrication, installation, shop management, maintenance and repair
Aaron Legg fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair
Jeffrey Morin fabrication, installation, crating, shop management and painting
Matthew Hincman fabrication, crating, shop management and painting
Reid Drum fabrication, crating and shop management
William Johnson fabrication, crating, installation, shop management and painting
Leah Muliero painting
Stacy Henninger painting and office assistance
Brooke Stanton painting
Joan Knox painting
Maureen Wengler painting
Carol Ljuden painting
Barbara Hoffman legal services
James Morris financial services